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Cave Herd by Seele-Studio
Cave Herd
So I wasn't very productive today...
These came from here: Mystery Horse Family Adopts- CLOSED

So the stallion: A depressed, distinctive-looking adult who is from a parallel dimension and lives with an evil sorcerer. (calm, very sensitive, very smart)
Mare: This big bad is a psychotic female demon. She plans to take over the planet with a biological weapon. She has a cult of devoted followers and is somewhat short-sighted. (determined, very patient, not very creative)
And the colt: in training to be Knight/Conqueror/Spy (creative, very calm, not very neat)

I don't have any names for them, but some big plans, especially for the evil psycho mare.
Its free, so go enter!

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Seriously why wouldn't you?
Small Talk by Seele-Studio
Small Talk

Sooo, I used DAs colors for the image, was really fun, sorry for the long read, this time from Sil's point of view :heart:


Lady Gwenaelle and Silvanus

Summer, Year 760 of the New Age

Loch Kerr, Glenmore
(1033 words)

It had been days since I had seen that small golden doe and she had never left my thoughts. She was odd, telling me she didn’t care that I was here, telling me she didn’t care if I was a blackwood raider. I had come to the conclusion that she was either stupid or very naive, neither sounded like good qualities really. Despite this I was curious, though maybe I shouldn’t have been there were so many glenmores at the lake now and it made me very nervous.

Ahh, there she was, despite all the pretty cream does at the lake she was the only one with a golden coat. I was watching from deep in the treeline, and it was hard to see through all the brush, I hoped it would keep me hidden as well. Who was she talking to? A small burnt gold and white colt, he was certainly odd looking. She treated him with love, something that confused me greatly for I had only felt it once in my youth. As she continued talking with him my eyes drifted to the other fawnlings I could see, there were many young fawns here all creamy and light. I suppose glenmore thought it was good to be creamy just like Silverthorne. Disgusted I involuntarily snorted quite loudly, worried I quickly twitched my ears forward to pick up any sound of approach.

What I heard how ever surprised me,” Go play with Han son.” Her voice, I almost missed it but it confirmed that the odd colt was hers. She was so young to have a fawn; her movement pulled me out of my thoughts, she was coming towards me. Cautious, looking back to see if any noticed, then she darted up the hill toward me. Fear gripped my heart and I bolted, trying my best to be silent. She was following and when she thought we were far enough away she called out,” Wait!

I couldn’t help sliding to a stop and huffing from the exertion of running so far. My eyes were glued to her, worried that she would be like all the rest, a lair. She kept her distance and her eyes were full of, of what? I had never seen this emotion before,” What do you want?” I growled and she took a step back, but there was a warm smile on her face.

I wanted to see if you were okay, we didn’t get to talk much last we met.

Are you stupid or something?” Her ears flicked back, now that was an emotion I knew.

Er, no. I know I should be afraid of you, or hate you, or something. Mother told about Blackwood raiders.” She paused and that smile came back,” But they are just stories, no one could truly want to hurt another.” I looked at her thoughtfully so she was very very naive.

There was silence between us and I couldn’t bring myself to look at her,” You’re not Blackwood are you.” She said it as a fact not a question and all I could do was shake my head. The hell was up with this doe, she practically had me weak at the knees for her.

A sudden movement from her had me glaring daggers and quickly she went back to her place. She seemed almost afraid but that damn smile never left her, huffing in annoyance I stepped a bit away, being around someone was unnerving.

Who are you then?” Her voice was like honey.

I glared at her once again,” Why do you care.

I think its quite plain this won’t be the last time we meet.” My eyes softened and a worry wriggled in, she was right, unless something happened to drive us away I could feel something familiar starting. This little doe was so much like Aeroth, so much that it hurt.

I’m Silvanus of Silverthorne.” She smiled so brightly at that.

Pleasant to meet you Silvanus, I am Lady Gwenaelle of Glenmore.” She did a bow.

Lady? is that a tittle or are your parents bad at naming?” She laughed, it was like the tingling of breaking ice, beautiful.

It’s a title, in Glenmore there are three of rankings for does, commoners, royals, and princesses. Princesses are the only does in the whole Isles that have light magic, they are very highly valued here.” I didn’t think I really needed the whole speech, but knowing this was interesting. My mother had always told me Glenmore does were little better than pretty objects, but I had always known her to be heartless.

She found it interesting that I didn’t know of glenmore and began telling me of how the herd worked and about their god. I had never believed in any gods, they all seemed worthless. When she picked up on my distaste she told of a princess that had been blessed by their god and now had feathers growing over her coat. It sounded like a story, but if I ever got a chance to see this doe it would certainly be a life changer.

Gwen was certainly one for talking, she seemed to love the sound of her own voice, but I couldn’t blame her there. She began to tell me about the strange colt I had seen her with, mostly because I had asked. She told me he was the kings son, which freaked me out, how could a doe so young be infatuated with a king. I didn’t know at the time that Glenmore worked so differently than what I had known in Silverthorne.

She could have kept talking, but the light was dying in the sky and she had been gone for some time. I was the first to rise from where we had been resting, she smiled and followed suit. I felt awkward, having never really said goodbye to anyone,” Wel-

Will I see you again?” She seemed worried that we wouldn’t meet again.

I won’t be stalking you at the lake side, no, but if you wish to find you can try.” She bounced happily at that and moved closer, but I wasn’t ready for that and quickly moved back.

Someone In the Forest by Seele-Studio
Someone In the Forest
so the seeeeeecretssssssss are finally out and I am so very happy to get this boat going <3 expect much more art of these two over the next two months


Lady Gwenaelle and Silvanus

Summer, Year 760 of the New Age

Loch Kerr, Glenmore
(793 words)

The breeze this summer was light and soft, I loved how the trees overhead swayed and the light across the path flickered and dazzled. We had been walking for sometime now, almost all of glenmore had decided to join us on our trip to the lake, it was such a wonderful feeling to be sharing something I thought of so fondly with the rest of my herd. Even King Drustan had come along, the mere thought of him set stomach fluttering and I craned my neck to look back at him. He looked happy and calm, but a pang of jealousy shot through me as I saw the Princess Fenella at his side. She was a perfect princess, always proper and quiet and by his side; and, oh I couldn’t fault her, sure she was everything I wanted to be but had she even wanted to be who she was.

I smiled warmly and turned back to the front, It might have been just a bit fake. I wasn’t going to let one doe put me in a dour mood and quickly bound toward Mother who was leading the long line of fawnlings. She stopped and looked to me as I nuzzled under her chin, one of the most comforting touches we shared. I felt her lick the top of my poll and my face scrunched up. I was about to complain when I heard my father's deep voice,” We are almost there, we should rest here while we can.”

Jumping excitedly I suggested,” We should hunt for berries!”

Mother laughed lightly,” A splendid idea dear, We should get into groups and bring back what we find, fawns stay with an adult!.”

Father nodded and started to break up the procession into groups, I however, didn’t really want to be with a group, a little alone time before we reached the lake could be a good thing. Besides, I was seven years old now, certainly I could be on my own for a bit! So quickly while no one was looking I rushed to the right of the path and disappeared into the trees. It didn’t take me long to find a wonderful patch of rose hips, not my favorite berry but they were decent. Happily flicking my tail I set about picking berry filled sprigs from the bushes.

I almost missed the small snap of twigs and brush of grass that announced someone was drawing near, I wouldn’t have been concerned, but the sounds were coming from in front of me. My head shot up and I saw something a truly was not expecting, a large roan stag. He wasn’t just large he was frickin huge! He was so tall his head brushed the lowest leaves of the canopy overhead, and all I could was stare. Of course he was staring back, he seemed surprised at first, then he slowly frowned.

Now, mother had told me of the evil raiders from Blackwood and while this stag was large, scarred, and most certainly black; I couldn’t see him as evil. I couldn’t see anyone as evil, and even with his frown something about him felt sad. I couldn’t help smiling warmly and letting myself relax, if he really did try anything, I had half of glenmore just behind me. “Hello.” His ear cocked but other then that he didn’t move a single muscle, it was impressive really, but I did wonder if maybe he was hard of hearing like Cae. “Do you live around here?”

“Suppose.” His voice was gruff and deep and low.

I wondered if he had heard the large amount of fawns moving through and cocked an ear back to listen if anyone might be coming to get me soon,” Well, we won’t be at the lake to long, shouldn’t disturb you any.” He snorted at that, like he didn’t believe me.

“You do know what I am, right?” He thought I was stupid, of course I knew that he wasn’t supposed to be here, but as long as he didn’t hurt anyone I didn’t see yeah he couldn’t have some land that no one really used.

“You’re a Blackwood aren't you?”

“Suppose.” I chuckled lightly at that.

“Well I don’t mind, but you might want to stay away from the rest.” He seemed skeptical of that. I heard something moving far behind me, he heard it too, then mothers voice rang out. She was still distant though and probably hadn’t heard us talking, I looked toward back down the hill and called,” Coming!” When I looked back the large stag was moving silently away through the trees. Without giving him a second thought I gathered the rose hip sprigs and bound back to the group feeling happier than before.

(dun dun duuuuuunn)
Also anyone around the lake want to rp with Silvanus?


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