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okay my message center is freaking out, what's up DA?
Gwenaelle | Doe | Glenmore Royal by Seele-Studio
Gwenaelle | Doe | Glenmore Royal
Omg my fawnling :heart: :new: She got a pretty new ref <3
Christmas Designs Eight 2013

Updated personality and in-game history!

~ Taken for the 759 rut ~

Name: Gwenaelle (Gwen-L/Gwe-nell)
Nickname: Gwen
Gender: Doe
Age: 7 years born in year 753
Build: Light
Height:  9.3 HH
Color: Flaxen Chestnut Restricted Fawn
Markings: N/A
Eye Color: Brown
Genetics: ee/Aa/ff/fwfw/Rxrz

Herd: Glenmore
Herd Position: Royal
Father: Corentin
Mother: Cécile
Bloodline: 100% Glenmore
Magic Type: earth magic
Siblings: None
Sexuality: Straight
Lovers: N/A
Foals: Caeluan
Enemies: I dont think she would ever have any

Trinkets: A leaf ear-ring, necklace with amethyst and a canary feather, a gold and turquoise bracelet (family heirloom)

Muse: lol everything, Beside You by Phildel

Personality:  She is a kind friendly doe that loves seeing the world and meeting new Fawnlings. She isn't one to settle down in one place and it would take time for a lover or friend to convince her to stay.

Random personality:
> Core traits
- indecisive, unsure
- fearful
- self-satisfied, unmotivated
- uncommitted
+ unpretentious
+ respectful
+ self-esteem, high
+ positive
> Relationships
-Mother: She is a bit controlling of Gwen but there is a lot of love between them.
-Father: They used to have a strained relationship, but after the great oak exploded they have grown closer
-King Drustan: Sometimes she is unsure how to feel about him, she wants to be close to him but know she will never be his 'one and only'
-Caeluan: She loves her son very dearly and wishes to give him the best upbringing possible
> Motivator (lifegoal) Discovery/Adventure - To explore, uncover mysteries, and pioneer, new allies etc; 
> Emotional Nature Joyful/Excited
> Emotional Stability Pretty even and stable
> Standpoint
Your fawnlings general look on the world around it - Idealistic, confident, trusting, hopeful, upbeat (naive!!)
Basic values regarding social interactions - Industrious, honest, responsible, meticulous, pragmatic
Impulsiveness - an inclination to sudden illogical changes of mind, ideas, or actions - Not too impulsive, tends to stick to normality
Boldness - willingness to enter into battle or to face danger - I don't know if shes bold, but danger inst a word she understands
Flexibility - how your fawnling handles new situations, tough choices, and disagreement - Shes such a happy and caring little doe I expect she would handle it well
Affection - emotional attitude towards other fawnlings - Altruistic, nurturing, empathic, supportive; again very loving and open
General style of social interaction - Courteous, cultured, modest, charming, humorous
Degree to which your fawnling interacts with others - Often, she is a royal after all and can most often be seen gossiping with other does near the great oak.
Degree to which your fawnling reveals personal information - Maybe a bit too much, she is very open about herself and willing to anyone anything they want to hear about her
Your fawnlings relationship with cultural norms (the herd religion) - She tries her best to be the good little doe everyone wants her to be, but most often she 'steps outside her bonds' without realising it
> Sense of humor Normal
> Quirks, habits and other oddities Believes that hedgehogs can steal thoughts (This terrifies her as her son has made friends with one) / Like to namedrop to impress others
> Mental and Emotional disorders Nope none

Gwen was born into a world she never quite understood. Her parents were both well respected Royals in the Glenmore herd, they wanted their little doe to be just as respected and loved as they were. They tried their best to teach her the ways of high society and for a while Gwen listened to them. However, as much as she tried to be respectful and courteous, when she saw how the lower ranks of the herd were treated she wanted nothing to do with being royal. When her parents asked her why she refused to mingle anymore she begged them to see the cruelty of their ways, to change and be kind to everyone, not just those who held power. They laughed, told her it was just the way the world worked, that she was lucky. She could never hate her parents but she told them she would never condone such actions.

As she grew older she became more aware of her feelings and started to speak out about the unfair royal system, she even pointedly spent more time with the 'commoners' then with her ranking herd members. Her father grew worried however and decided that Gwen needed to be taught a lesson, he began pestering the guards and other royals about how the commoners were bothering his daughter. Gwen had grown quiet close to one doe in particular and the two were best friends, the doe had even given Gwen a special earring, the leaf on a silver clasp, to symbolize their friendship. It was this doe that the guards saw her with and this doe that got all of the punishment. No matter how much Gwen begged them to stop they were absolute, In the heat of the moment they went a bit too far and accidentally maimed her so badly she would never run again. After the attack the guards ushered her back to her father who was waiting, hopeful that his 'lesson' had taken root.

Gwen was so distraught that her friend had been hurt because of her that she vowed to follow her father's wishes and remain only with the royals. She still refuses to look down on anyone and hopes that one day the herd will see her way of thinking.

((-headdesk- gah so lame, I suck at histories))

Art by Others

Breeding with Dru <3
Headshot by HayleyWolf
Crack Pairings

Skill Points

Speed: 11 [Basic Level]
Stamina: 9 [Basic Level]
Strength: 4 [Basic Level]

Magic: 0 [Basic Level]
Herbs: 0 [Basic Level]

Experience: 0


+5 speed - base bonus
+3 stamina - base bonus
+1 strength - base bonus
+5 speed - starter bonus
+4 stamina - starter bonus
+2 strength - starter bonus

In-game History

At age five Gwen was 'set-up' with King Drustan. She falls very much in love with him but is nervous about having her first fawn. When the old oak was struck down she was physically unharmed but very confused and unsure of the future, and even more unsure about her soon to be fawn.(+1 speed - art - Stuck) She doesn't see Drustan very much over winter and everyone seems very closed off and brocken to her. In spring year 759 She finally see Dru again (King Creche: Fun and Flowers) and they have a nice talk about their fawn, this gives her a bit more confidance. Soon after her son is born and she couldn't be more conflicted, despite her mothers assurance that he is perfect, his odd coloring makes her worry that he will be rejected.(+2 Stamina - collab art - Where Do We Go From Here +1 strength - lit - 400-999 words - Where Do We Go From Here)

Not long after Nuala returns to Glenmore and causes a whole lot of drama! Some dumb fawn steps all over Cae and im sure Gwen would have freaked out if she found out who! maybe someday I'll get a friggin rp up for that XD So not much happens the rest of the year, just cuddles and confidence gaining, no babies this rut. And now summer is coming and shes going to Loch Kerr with a whole bunch of friends and they gonna have fun! Then if anyone bothers to read this shes gona meet someone up near the lake, and they gona kinda friends and then Rut some shits going down, so yeah that will be fun! EVIL Laughter! 
If you could be mine by Seele-Studio
If you could be mine
AKA The cutest damn thing ever!! :dummy:
In which Gwen is dreaming of cuddles with King Drustan <3
I have been wanting to draw this for forever now, came out pretty good
Edit: Oh! I have a song I think fits her view of their relationship, Beside you by Phildel


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Anyone feel like watching me mess up fawnling anatomy?

Still here! just had to eat something!

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